CB&Q is an acronym for the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. It was one of the main predecessors of Burlington Northern Railroad.

Hale Holden, abbreviated genealogy


Hale Holden was president of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad from 1914 to 1918 and again from 1920 to 1929.  He also served as the USRA's western division director, vice president and director for the American Railway Association and chairman of the executive committee for the Association of Railroad Executives.  After leaving the CB&Q, Holden became chairman of the executive committee for Southern Pacific Railroad, serving from 1928 to 1932, and then as chairman of the board for SP from 1932 to 1939.

Modeler's Moment - Pioneer Zephyr

Pioneer Zephyr, observation end

On this date (May 26) in history, the Burlington's Pioneer Zephyr made its famous "dawn-to-dusk" non-stop run from Denver to Chicago in 1934 at an average speed of 77 mph; the trainset was donated to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago on May 26, 1960, and it can still be seen there today.

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