The Rip Track banners and link buttons

So you've been reading the articles and tips on this website and now you want to link to it from your website. Great! Here are some graphics you can use for that purpose.

You may link to this site using any of the graphics below. When you do, please link to the root page ( as there is no absolute guarantee that any other page will still be where you expect it even as short as a month from now. Right-click on the image in the table below and save a copy to your hard drive so you can then upload it to your site (because the image may be moved or changed here without notice). Use code something like the following to build the link:

<a href=""><img src="filelocation/filename" alt="The Rip Track" border=0></a>

All of the images provided below are copyright © Sean Lamb. Permission is granted to display these images on any website so long as a link is provided to The Rip Track by clicking on the image (as in the sample code above); the images may not be altered in any way.




Small button based on the site logo. 88x31 4.88 KB
Small button with an image from an NTrak module. 88x31 5.89 KB
Small button based on the favorites icon. 88x31 798 bytes
RSS-style button. 80x15 287 bytes