Modeler's Moment - Another way to hang a helix

hanging a helix

It seems that helices are always tricky to set up on model railroads.  Every modeler seems to do it a different way.  This week, I was shown a method that I hadn't seen before.  The modeler used long bolts and strips of wood to hang the helix laps from the uppermost section of benchwork.  The advantage here, of course, is that the modeler didn't need to find a source for long threaded rods; the bolts he used are much easier to find in comparison.  However, this method still runs into the issue that there are a lot of places that need to be adjusted to get the helix grade right.

Modeler's Moment - Threaded rods for helix supports

threaded rod helix

Using threaded rods for helix supports can be a quick and simple way to get your helix up. However, doing so requires precise placement of each helix lap so the rod can pass through the benchwork uniformly over the entire rise of the helix and over time the nuts may work themselves loose if they aren't soldered (think plumbing solder here...) in place.

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