I need your questions for a new project

Hi everyone! I'm working on a new project to create more content for the site, but I need your help. I want to make educational videos on railroad history and model railroading. The videos that I see out there are all pretty dry or all put some lousy music over the top of whatever they're trying to show. I think railroad history video can be a lot more interesting than what I've seen so far, and I think I can make it. I've created a YouTube channel where these videos will be uploaded, so please go subscribe there so you don't miss any of them.

When I start researching any content for the site, I always start with a question, and build the content from the answer to that question. The trouble is that the questions I come up with already require a certain amount of knowledge about the industry or about the hobby, so here's where you come in. I'm looking for the questions that you want answered about railroad history, technology, operations or model railroading, that will then serve as the basis for future content additions. Just to get you started thinking about it, some of the questions that I've come up with so far include:

  • Why are there only seven major U.S. railroads?
  • Why did Northern Pacific Railroad use a yin and yang symbol for its logo?
  • What state or country has the most railroads?
  • How are tank cars loaded and unloaded?
  • Was it really possible to travel from New York to Chicago by streetcar?
  • Are railroad rulebooks really "written in blood?"

There are a lot more questions to answer than these, but this should help you think of something you want to know. Think about it and email your questions to me so I know what else to work on for future episodes. Thanks!

UPDATE - You can also tweet your questions to me @TheRipTrack, and follow the progress of #97TrainQuestions.