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Modeler's Moment - Weathering powders

powder weathering

A light dusting with any of the popular weathering powders can make a car look only slightly used. Don't forget to weather the trucks too. And yes, I do weather my MicroTrains cars!

Modeler's Moment - That first layer of weathering

before and after

An initial wash with diluted water based acrylics makes your cars look like they've been on the road for a few months. The color collects in the crevices and makes the details stand out more clearly. The photo shows a before and after view of this technique applied to a pair of N scale boxcars.

Modeler's Moment - Weathering covered hoppers

Weathered covered hoppers

Use a light-colored paint to recolor some of the roof hatches on your covered hoppers. This is an easy way to simulate a replacement roof hatch without actually replacing them. Would you believe that the photo shows N scale models?

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