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Podcast: Episode 8 - Daylights, porters and passenger train consists

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4449 in Sturtevant, WI, on August 2, 2009Southern Pacific 4449 running past the former Sturtevant, Wisconsin, depot on August 2, 2009.

Today on the podcast, we're going to take a look at the history of Southern Pacific 4449 and some of the trains it has pulled.  We'll also hear a song about some "difficult" passengers that porters have to deal with.  After that, we'll talk a little bit more about passenger trains and how you can model them.  So, all aboard!

Podcast: Episode 7 - The "Father of Railways", two junctions and selective compression

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Selective compression applied to a model building.A model of the Compressed Manufacturing Company in HO scale.

Never more than a day late, here's the next episode of the Rip Track Podast.  In this episode, we take a look at the life of George Stephenson, "The Father of Railways."  Then we hear the final installment of Randy Garnhardt's discussion of interesting juctions with a look at Clinton, Iowa, and Nelson, Illinois.  Finally, the Modeler's Moment describes the princile of selective compression as it is applied to model railroads.

Podcast: Episode 6 - speed demons

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No. 999 on display in ChicagoNew York Central No. 999 on display in Chicago.

For this episode, we'll take a look at the progression of speed records set by steam locomotives for various railways around the world.  In the Modeler's Moment, we discuss a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of the track on our layouts.  We close with a quick recap of updates to The Rip Track website.

Podcast: Episode 5 - running trains and delivering coal

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Operating a model railroadModel railroaders at an operating session.

Okay, so this is a day and a half later than the schedule that the first four episodes have followed.  Well, here it is anyways.  First we hear a narration from a model railroad operating session, then we hear an 1899 musical recording describing one sad passenger train ride.  We continue with an excerpt from Jerry Pfeiffer's industry and freight cars clinic where he discusses coal deliveries in the Midwest.  Finally, in the Modeler's Moment, we look at some model railroad uses for items that you might otherwise throw away.

Podcast: Episode 4 - locomotives and elevateds and junctions, oh my!

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John Bull in 1893John Bull, train and crew in 1893. Photograph by Will P. Cook from the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division, Washington, D.C.

In this episode, we take a look through history for the bulk of the content. We start with a "biography" of one named steam locomotive that operated in the United States during the early days of railroading, and that you can still go see today. We follow that with a 1904 Edison recording called "Interrupted Courtship on the Elevated Railway", and then another excerpt from Randy Garnhardt's clinic "Interesting Junctions." In the Modeler's Moment, we review a few techniques to keep your model railroad locomotives operating well.

Podcast: Episode 3 - all about railfanning

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Railfans out railfanning.Railfanning near Prairie du Chien, WI, in 2004.

With this episode, things are falling into place and the show is officially fully established. First we hear an excerpt from the Conversations About Photography Conference where Stuart Klipper tells us about some of his inspirations for railroad photography. Then we go over a checklist to ensure that railfanning trips go well. In our Modeler's Moment, we discuss how to use railfanning as a model railroading tool, and finally, there's a little shameless self-promotion to finish off the episode.

Podcast: Episode 2

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We continue the show with episode 2. In this episode, we take a look at some interesting railroad junctions, some small rail-served industries and their modeling potential, and we hear a story about a newly hired switchman on his first trip to a distant yard for an assignment.

Podcast: Episode 1

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Here it is, the first episode of The Rip Track Podcast. In this show I discuss NTSB recommendations R-09-1 through -5 that have to do with uniform railroad signaling, I list a number of significant events in railroad history that occurred in May throughout the years, offer an excerpt from the Conversations About Photography conference sponsored by the Center for Rail Photography and Art, and I close with a Modeler's Moment describing one way to save some money on your model railroad purchases.

The Rip Track Podcast

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The Rip Track Podcast is an audio show that includes segments on railroad history, news, model railroad tips, reviews and almost anything else that has to do with prototype and/or model railroading. The first episode was uploaded on May 2, 2009. To subscribe to this podcast, point your podcatcher at the RSS RSS feed. The podcast is also listed in the iTunes Store. Check back here or on the Rip Track home page for the newest episodes as they are uploaded. How you can help: Producing a podcast takes a lot of time and resources. While I had originally planned to work on this as a primarily solo venture, I realize that I just don't have the time or money to add everything that I want to add. If you'd like to help with the production (you'd get full credit for the parts I use in the show that you helped on), here are some things that you can do to add value and get your name out:

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