Podcast: Episode 14 - Announcements from Trainfest 2011

Kids enjoying the Lionel layout at TrainfestYes, it has been a while, but it's time to get this podcast back on the mainline.  So here it is, the next podcast episode full of model railroad announcements from Trainfest 2011!

The manufacturers are listed below and presented in the podcast episode in the order that I talked to them.  Their order in the podcast is not meant to indicate any preference for one manufacturer over another.  While I was collecting the audio for this podcast episode, I was given a sample of the PanPastel product for review; I will work on writing a more complete review for posting at a later date.

Grand Rails 2012


  • 7.5 inch gauge White Creek Railroad operations
  • HO scale Sunset Valley Railroad
  • self-guided tours to about 70 more model railroads
  • about 13 more bused model railroad tours or 7-hour limo tour to 6 layouts
  • Side Tracks for non-model railroad themed tours and clinics



  • N scale Trinity 64' refrigerator car; release around New Year
  • all new N scale cars will include Micro-Trains couplers
  • HO scale Pullman-Standard 5344 box car; MN&S, RI, BAR, MILW, Sandersville, TM; six numbers each; available in December
  • third release of HO scale Trinity 6275 FBOX box car in 18 new numbers
  • HO scale B&O wagontop box car; six liveries
  • HO scale Evans 5277 box car; RailBox, Louisiana Midland, Rock, BN, LEF&C; six numbers each
  • HO scale Thrall 2244 gondola; 15 panels; Rock, DT&I, CNW, CR; six numbers each; January release
 HO scale gondolas from ExactRailHO scale wagontop box cars from ExactRailN scale refrigerator car from ExactRailHO scale 5344 box cars from ExactRail

Phoenix Unlimited


  • model railroad XL lubricants
  • precision needle oiler cap
  • plastic and factory-paint safe
  • many viscosities available
  • synthetic oil, some conductive or penetrating
  • 10-year shelf life
 XL Lubricants booth



  • N scale Metra trainsets; locomotive, cab car and two coaches; single coach available separately; additional cab cars for future release (packaging and sets are yet to be determined)
  • HO scale GE AC4400; UP, BNSF, CP; modeler-installed handrails
  • HO scale SD9043MAC; UP, CP, Indiana Railroad; due in March 2012
  • HO scale Gunderson Maxi-4 cars; Pacer, AOK; due in March 2012; does not include containers
  • HO scale container well car 2-packs; BNSF, DTTX
  • N scale Gunderson Maxi-1 cars; TTX with APL containers; due in March 2012
  • all Maxi stack cars made with metal/plastic mixture for better car weight in operation
  • containers have magnets installed and locking pins to keep them together on the car
 N scale Metra loco and cars from Kato

Motrak Models


  • HO scale Consolidated Auto Parts Company structure; shipping December 15, 2011
  • HO scale Bisgeier Tool Company structure; due January 1, 2012
  • many HO scale freight car loads; N scale loads under clearance and not available after January 1, 2012
  • HO scale retaining walls, stone arch bridges
 HO scale structure from Motrak ModelsHO scale MOW shed from Motrak ModelsHO scale loads from Motrak Models

Bluford Shops


  • N scale cabooses; MP bay window, four other transfer cabooses; road names TBA; due in 2012

Spring Mills Depot


  • HO scale B&O/Chessie/CSX Canstock boxcar; four versions; prototype-appropriate details for each era
  • Future releases will probably be in the late 1960s era, but not ready to announce what car is the next project

TrainCat Model Sales


  • N scale fire tower structure
  • N scale aggregate conveyer and unloader structures
  • N scale elctrical substation structure; insulator details available separately
  • N scale B&O 2- and 4-track signal bridges
  • HO scale B&O 4-track signal bridge
  • N scale B&O mast signals
  • more announcements to be made at the Springfield show
 N scale aggregate unloader from TrainCatN scale substation from TrainCat



  • pastel weathering colors; cake of pastel pigment in a pan; instant-use pigments; can blend colors; color does not disappear under clear coat; can be erased before the clear coat if it needs to be changed
  • applied with dense sponge tools; several shapes and sizes available; washes with soap and water; can use stiff-bristled sable brush
 The results of weathering with PanPastelThe tools and sample results for PanPastel



  • infrared train detectors; not affected by room lights
  • can be placed between the rails or across the track
  • works with all control systems; do not need to modify rolling stock
  • operates on 9-15 volts AC or DC
 Across the track infrared detection by AzatraxInfrared train detector mounted between the ties

JAM Solutions


  • HO and N scale Stealth Track Cleaner; can mount under locomotives
  • scrap metal load materials for custom loads; milling machine chips specifically made for this product and not from floor scraps; aluminum and steel available; can be painted
  • model railroad fascia control panel box; metal box, polycarbonate cover
  • custom model railroad construction
 Scrap metal loads from JAM SolutionsHO scale Stealth Track Cleaner from JAM Solutions

Ross Custom Switches


  • Hi-rail and tinplate track and switches
  • O72 #4 turnout matches the footprint of Lionel's switch
  • O72 wye switch in development
  • O54 switch in planning
  • hi-rail turntable
 Switches from Ross Custom SwitchesSpecialized switches from Ross Custom SwitchesTurntable from Ross Custom Switches

Fox Valley Models


  • N scale Milwaukee Road rib-side cabooses; due in January 2012
  • HO and N scale express cars
  • N scale Milwaukee Road 50' rib-side single door box cars in development
  • more Hiawatha schemes and cars in development
Milwaukee Road cabooses from Fox Valley Models 

Deluxe Innovations


  • company headquarters damaged by hurricane Irene; company now located in Midland Park, NJ; production now resuming
  • N scale Gunderson Maxi-4 cars; six roadnames
  • N scale woodchip gondolas; UP, WP, SOU, MILW, CN and unlettered (black) with data
  • N scale containers; Dole (5-pack), ITEL (2-pack)
  • N scale 48' containers; NYK Transamerica, BN America, CN Laser Intermodal
  • N scale container chassis; Hanjin, Maersk/Sealand, APL, Hyundai
  • N scale 20' corrugated containers; Evergreen, Max, Genstar, Cast
 N scale Maxi-4 cars from Deluxe InnovationsN scale woodchip hoppers from Deluxe InnovationsN scale container chassis and 20' containers from Deluxe



  • HO scale Speedrail interurban car; available in December 2011
  • HO scale MER&L public service building
  • HO scale transmission power line structures
 HO scale transmission towers and streetcar from Milwaukee SpeedrailHO scale public service building from Milwaukee Speedrail

InterMountain Railway Company


  • N scale R-70-20 refrigerator car; original 1969 and revised 1995 versions
 N scale refrigerator cars from InterMountain

Model Builders Supply


  • 1:200 to 1" scale plastic pattern sheets; brick and stone patterns
  • tree kits and foliage materials; tree armatures; foliage mats; hedges
  • N to O scale architectural model supplies

Con-Cor Trains


  • HO scale Electroliner; new sound decoder that can fit on the first run too
  • HO and N scale Zephyr; twin-headlight style
  • HO scale New Haven Comet; shipping late January or early February 2012
  • HO scale PRR MP54 commuter car; expected in mid-February 2012; multiple liveries, both powered and unpowered
  • HO scale branchline commuter-suburban car; Royal American Shows, Rio Grande, Southern Crescent, Daylight; expected December 2011
  • Christmas cars shipping in early December
 HO scale MP54 from Con-CorHO scale Zephyr from Con-Cor

Wheels Of Time


  • Wheels Of Time Limited; HO and N scale 35' Sealand containers and chassis
  • N scale PC90 PiggyPacker; due December 2011
  • N scale buses; CTA and LA Transit Lines
  • N scale 70 baggage express cars; expected Spring 2012; preorders now
 N scale buses and HO scale containers from Wheels of TimeN scale PiggyPacker from Wheels Of Time

NCE Corporation


  • CAB06P and CAB06Pr throttles; shipping began November 11, 2011
  • new Throttlebus panels; use CAT-5 cables
  • D13SRJ decoder 10-pack
  • software upgrades for PowerCab and PowerPro systems
 The NCE booth

Atlas Model Railroad Company


  • HO and N scale 42' steel coil car
  • HO and N scale 85' trash flat car with 20' waste containers
  • N scale Middlesex Manufacturing structure
  • more announcements planned for the Springfield show

Woodland Scenics


  • O scale structures
  • cactus and palm trees; fruit and flowering trees
  • demo kits and sample packs
  • TidyTrack track and locomotive wheel cleaning tools; due in February 2012
 Live scenery demo at the Woodland Scenics boothTidyTrack demo at the Woodland Scenics booth

Blackstone Models


  • HOn3 scale K-27 locomotive third release; available weathered or unweathered
  • HOn3 scale C-19 locomotive second release
  • HOn3 scale narrow-frame tank cars; CYCX and UTLX
  • HOn3 scale passenger cars second release
  • HOn3 scale stock cars; six new numbers
  • HOn3 scale box cars; six new numbers
  • HOn3 scale EBT 3-bay hopper
 HOn3 rolling stock from Blackstone ModelsHOn3 locomotive from Blackstone ModelsHOn3 coach from Blackstone ModelsHOn3 hopper from Blackstone Models



  • new diesel sound files; 567 turbo, dual 567, modern GE, U50; all now shipping
  • SurroundTraxx system now shipping
  • lighting decoders; coach light decoder designed for Blackstone coaches, caboose light decoder designed for Blackstone caboose

Lionel Trains


  • Santa Fe 3751 and 3759 rerelease; features whistle steam
  • Mallet locomotives; features whistle steam
  • Lincoln train
  • expanded American Flyer line
  • S scale Challenger locomotives; GN, UP; now shipping
  • S scale U33C; many roadnames
 Santa Fe 3751 from LionelThe Lionel booth



  • SoundValue; new and improved sound decoders
  • new packaging highlights DCC equipped products
  • enhanced detail in all new products; better hidden weights
  • N scale Northeastern steel caboose
  • HO scale Schnabel car; 16 axles
  • N scale RS-3
  • all N scale products now include operating knuckle couplers
  • updated N scale doodlebug in Spectrum line with DCC decoder
  • N scale USRA 2-10-2 with DCC; six roadnames
  • N scale tank cars
  • On30 scale 14-ton 2-truck Heisler; shipping soon
  • On30 scale log skidder
  • Williams 4-6-0 locomotives; four roadnames
  • large scale brass track; improved rail joiners; UV-protection built in to the ties
  • plug-and-play system for sound and DCC decoders in HO and On30 rolling stock
  • new products designed with adding decoders and new features in mind even if they are purchased without extra features
 N scale 2-10-2 locomotives from BachmannN scale cabooses from BachmannOn30 Heisler from Bachmann



  • HO scale SP C-50-7 bay window caboose; operating marker and interior lights with a lighting decoder for DCC
  • HO scale GP7, GP9
  • HO scale SD70ACe third release; CSX, UP MKT heritage, Ferromex, MRL
  • HO scale MT4 with skyline casing; expected in Q1 2012
  • many new liveries on existing products
  • HO scale rotary snowplow now with F7B tender to replace the steam tender in previous releases
  • HO scale 2-8-0
  • HO scale DD40; expected Q2 2012; sound equipped locomotives will have a separate sound decoder for each motor
 HO scale DD40 from AthearnHO scale GP9 from AthearnHO scale SD70ACe locomotives from Athearn

MTH Electric Trains


  • HO scale RDG Alco FA-2
  • HO scale Milwaukee Road Bipolar
  • HO scale GG-1; due in January 2012
  • electric locomotives feature directional motorized pantographs
  • HO scale train sets that include sound decoders

GC Laser


  • HO scale backdrop flats
  • HO scale six-story buildings
  • HO scale farm house
  • HO scale angled backdrop building
 HO scale farm house from GC LaserHO scale backdrop flats from GC LaserHO scale angled backdrop building from GC Laser

Wm. K. Walthers, Inc.


  • HO scale Broadway Limited; all cars in stock, E7 locomotives soon
  • HO scale El Capitan; preproduction samples shown
  • HO scale interlocking towers; PRR, ATSF; sneak peek samples shown
 HO scale Broadway Limited from WalthersHO scale El Capitan from WalthersHO scale interlocking tower from Walthers


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