Podcast: Episode 7 - The "Father of Railways", two junctions and selective compression

Selective compression applied to a model building.A model of the Compressed Manufacturing Company in HO scale.

Never more than a day late, here's the next episode of the Rip Track Podast.  In this episode, we take a look at the life of George Stephenson, "The Father of Railways."  Then we hear the final installment of Randy Garnhardt's discussion of interesting juctions with a look at Clinton, Iowa, and Nelson, Illinois.  Finally, the Modeler's Moment describes the princile of selective compression as it is applied to model railroads.


Clinton, Iowa - View Larger Map
Nelson, Illinois - View Larger Map
  • George Stephenson - born June 9, 1871; died August 12, 1848.
    • Debuted his first locomotive, Blücher, at Killingworth Colliery on July 25, 1814.
    • Collaborated with son Robert Stephenson (1803-1859) to build the Stockton and Darlington Railway 1821-1825.
    • Collaborated to build Rocket in 1829 and oversaw construction for and opened the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830.
    • First president of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers upon its founding in 1847.
  • Interesting junctions
    • Clinton, Iowa
    • Nelson, Illinois
  • Modeler's Moment: selective compression
    • first select the most important parts of the model to represent the prototype
    • then compress all the other parts of the model until it fits on your layout
  • Other links and notes

Until next time, happy modeling!


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