Podcast: Episode 5 - running trains and delivering coal

Operating a model railroadModel railroaders at an operating session.

Okay, so this is a day and a half later than the schedule that the first four episodes have followed.  Well, here it is anyways.  First we hear a narration from a model railroad operating session, then we hear an 1899 musical recording describing one sad passenger train ride.  We continue with an excerpt from Jerry Pfeiffer's industry and freight cars clinic where he discusses coal deliveries in the Midwest.  Finally, in the Modeler's Moment, we look at some model railroad uses for items that you might otherwise throw away.

  • Please Mr. Conductor, Don't Put Me Off This Train sung by Byron G. Harlan, 1899.  Edison wax cylinder recording number 7219.
Former CNW coal hoppers in Madison in 2008Former C&NW coal hoppers, cars now owned by Indiana Railroad, delivered to the municipal power plant in Madison, WI, in 2008.
  • Modern coal operations in the American midwest - an extract from the clinic Industries You Can Model and the Freight Cars that Go With Them by Jerry Pfeiffer, presented at the joint SCWD/RRVD NMRA meeting May 3, 2009 in Rockford, Illinois.
  • Modeler's Moment: model railroad uses for stuff you might throw away.
    • Reuse empty pasta sauce jars to hold scenery materials.
    • Empty 5-quart ice cream tubs can be used as buckets for mixing plaster.
    • Save an old toothbrush for spreading ballast.
    • Cut up and reassemble empty light cardboard boxes to make structure mockups.
    • Spent CO2 cartridges can simulate parts of heavy duty HVAC equipment on model industries.
    • Used dryer sheets can make handy wheel cleaning cloths.
    • Reuse empty prescription bottles or film cans for small parts storage.
    • Whatever you save, be sure to use it.  Don't waste your storage space with empty containers.


Until next time, happy modeling.

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