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The Rip Track Podcast is an audio show that includes segments on railroad history, news, model railroad tips, reviews and almost anything else that has to do with prototype and/or model railroading. The first episode was uploaded on May 2, 2009. To subscribe to this podcast, point your podcatcher at the RSS RSS feed. The podcast is also listed in the iTunes Store. Check back here or on the Rip Track home page for the newest episodes as they are uploaded. How you can help: Producing a podcast takes a lot of time and resources. While I had originally planned to work on this as a primarily solo venture, I realize that I just don't have the time or money to add everything that I want to add. If you'd like to help with the production (you'd get full credit for the parts I use in the show that you helped on), here are some things that you can do to add value and get your name out:

  • Create music snippets that can be used between or beneath segments of the podcast.
  • Record segments or parts of segments (i.e. convention reports, interviews, reviews, etc.) for inclusion in the podcast. Or, if you're lucky enough to afford it, sponsor me to work on the segment with you.
  • Suggest topics or Modeler's Moments for inclusion in future episodes - send an email to with your ideas.
  • Record a promo for the podcast that can be used by other podcasters.
  • Record a shoutout or podcast station ID that can be included in this podcast. Say something like "You're listening to The Rip Track Podcast at"