Roster shots - Glen Haven, WI, June 3, 2006

Last week I went out to railfan along the Mississippi River with a bunch of friends in a little town called Glen Haven, Wisconsin. We saw about 10 trains in the 6 hours that I was there, but all the photos that I took are mere snapshots. However, they make excellent model reference photos, so here's the rolling stock roster shots that turned out well enough...

TTZX 862592
TTZX 862592 - empty centerbeam flat car.

NATX 300590
NATX 300590 - tank car; apparently carrying a flammable cargo (the red placard by the platform on the right side in the photo)

BNSF 728458
BNSF 728458 - box car; the BNSF herald is a bit faded, but also notice that the grafitti is only as high as the painter could reach (even where he climbed up the side ladder)

ACFX 71995
ACFX 71995 - tank car; marked as carrying clay slurry

DMIX 300002
DMIX 300002 - tank car; probably carrying corn syrup, owing to the Minnesota Corn Producers logo on the right (but is corn syrup flammable? this car's got flammable placards showing)

RBOX ?????? - box car; the grafitti is covering the side number on this older car

TCWR 40195
TCWR 40195 - covered hopper; a typical outside-post covered hopper owned by the Twin Cities and Western Railroad

AOK 14100
AOK 14100 - box car; my second favorite reporting mark, AOK belongs to the Arkansas-Oklahoma Railroad

FBOX 504456
FBOX 504456 - box car; the taggers must have gotten this one next to a loading dock to get their marks and that neat effect on the door so high up

GATX 96699
GATX 96699 - tank car; another flammable load, this one appears to read "LIQUEFIED PETROLEUM GAS" on the right

MWCX 460113
MWCX 460113 - covered hopper; a slightly different shade of paint to cover the old lettering tells us that this is a second-hand car (that's a pretty easy detail to model too)

There were many more cars that we saw, but that will have to wait until the next post.