A site update coming soon

I got a message from my web host this week that they are upgrading some of the software on the back end of my websites.  As I was checking my sites for compatibility with the update in their test area, I saw a few errors on this site and decided that now is as good a time as any to work on the update to this website.  I now have a test site up and running with most of this site's content migrated to it.  Check it out at http://riptrack.net/dev.

The updated site will allow me to simplify some of the site maintenance, and I've gone through a lot of my old content to better organize it (although the big parts of the content structure are the same).  I'm also opening up account creation and comments again on the new site.  I had closed it off because I was getting more than 40 login requests and comments every day from spammers and no comments from actual interested readers.  I don't expect that to change immediately, but the new site gives me a few more tools to deal with it.  If you had created a login on this site, please create one on the new site and we can continue the conversation there.

A chunk of the current content has not yet been migrated.  Thank you, I know what most of it is already.  I also plan to copy the comments that I've received already on this site, but they will likely become anonymous comments with the user names copied into the comment body.

Check out the new site and leave a comment or two there.  Also, please feel free to email me directly with your thoughts on this.