A possible site overhaul soon

In editing data for the continuing series on named steam locomotives, I'm now running into a memory limit on the server. This isn't a bandwidth limit, it's a PHP limit that is preventing me from editing the content of the website. There are a number of possible solutions, but one that I'm looking at pretty seriously is that of a complete overhaul to a different content management system. In other words, I'm looking into completely rebuilding this site with new back-end software. I have a couple test platforms to try out the different systems that are out there, so downtime here should be minimal. If I follow through with this clever plan, then it is exceptionally likely that the links to individual stories will change (so you'll have to update any bookmarks that you've made to any page beyond the home page), and I will likely have a new look for the site at the same time. Since I'd rather not have to retype everything into the site, I'm looking at migration scripts to automatically import the data too. I'll post more on this topic as a decision approaches.
Update (February 24): After reading around a little more and trying a few other possibilities, I've got the settings where they need to be in order to continue here without major changes. That means a whole lot less work for me as author to re-enter everything and a whole lot less work for you as readers to keep your bookmarks to your favorite content here. So with that, it's time to post the next update that I had queued...


Site overhaul

Hey Slambo - I'm surprised that Drupal is giving you these sort of problems, but it is a heavy lifter...

I'm curious what other CMS's you're considering? Wordpress? Joomla? Other?

All the best.

More info...

I've been mostly pleased with Drupal. The problem I'm running into is that the current version needs a 16M PHP memory limit, but the php.ini on my host is currently set to 8M. I get an overflow error when I try to edit any of the larger book pages here. I've written to my web host about this issue but haven't heard anything back yet.

In the past I've used Mambo and Joomla as well as a couple of wikis. The best current contender right now, if I don't get this memory limit issue resolved, seems to be Geeklog. I'd rather not make any change if I can avoid it, so I'm also looking at ways to keep Drupal within the server limits.