Follow the money - US railroad stocks down 11% yesterday

I like to say that I'm interested in learning everything I can about anything that runs on rails. Anyone who spends time reading various railroad histories, knows that some of the financial shenanigans that the robber barons of the 19th century perpetrated led to nationwide panic markets more than once. I'm generally not one to pore over economics textbooks or financial ledgers, but one thing I've been wondering about is how US railroads are doing today in the stock market. I figured that since many railroad companies are publicly traded, I should be able to accumulate some data to build a daily pulse number much like the big index numbers that we hear on the news every day (especially this week). I was thinking of building a script to put somewhere on the site that would aggregate a total on a daily basis, but then I saw an article on Bloomberg discussing the largest single day drop in the US Railroads Index since 1989. So, I can save myself some work and just watch ticker symbol S5RAIL:IND and get back to my model building.