New section - Railroad History

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a new entry in the links at the top of the page. The Railroad History link will take you to a section of articles about various topics in prototype railroad history (fancy that!). Many of you know about my contributions to Wikipedia and the railroad history information available there, and you may be wondering why I'm choosing to add a history section here. Wikipedia content guidelines have been worked out over many years to describe the notability requirements for inclusion in the content there; also, one of the core policies of Wikipedia is "no original research" which means that everything contributed to Wikipedia needs to be referenced with citations to information available elsewhere. Many of the topics that I want to explore in railroad history fall outside those guidelines and policies, and as an admin there, it would be improper for me to start adding articles there that are explicitly against those guidelines. So, my own original research into railroad history along with other selected articles where I have permission to republish them, will be added to this section. I've started with a page listing some significant events in Wisconsin railroad history (yes, there is a huge amount more to add to it; what's there now is what I had time to add so far this morning), and I will be adding to it and many other articles as time passes.