Goodbye, Bonnie.

This has nothing really to do with trains and only close friends and family will be able to decipher all of the references, so please bear with me.

Bonnie 1

Bonnie left us this morning. In the cat blog world, they say she crossed the rainbow bridge. She always liked to be in whatever room I was in, usually just relaxing nearby.

Thanks for the memories of hiding under the front seat as a kitten when we first brought you home. For sitting in Ryan's little purple bucket while we ate dinner that night so many years ago. For coming to greet us as we arrived home from work every day. For the morning belly rubs. For the glove time in winter. For jumping on the bathroom counter every morning to get your water even when I didn't turn on the tap. For mostly getting used to and tolerating a second cat in the house. For the laundry basket rides down the stairs. For going to appointments without a tremendous fuss. For the lap time. For chattering out the window last Sunday. For staying in the kitty cup by the bed when I was sick. For the footprint in my brownie (even if wasn't you).

May the next of your nine lives be as enriching and rewarding to those you meet as it was to us.