Modeler's Moment - What's supporting the pier?

A floating HO scale pier

Water features always make interesting scenes on model railroads, whether they're models of lakes, rivers, harbors or just puddles. When they're at the fascia edge of a layout, the modeler can make the water a little deeper and embed things in the water material to make it look even more realistic. However, this can also work against the modeler if something doesn't extend below the surface of the water when it should. The HO scale fishing pier shown here is a prime example. Is the pier really as light as an insect that it doesn't break the surface tension of the water? Plan your details before you start pouring the water material.


Missed Opportunity

I agree. This could have been quiet a nifty scene if it was planned out better. The pilings extending all the way to the ground presents opportunities for all kinds of interest. Such as sea grass growing on the pilings or muscles if its sea water. Junk on the bottom such as a bicycle or automobile would have been entertaining. Or better yet, a skeleton in Civil War garb would have suggested a story.
Otherwise, this should have been a floating dock.