Modeler's Moment - Get the kids involved

A young engineer checks his throttle position

As we come upon the annual winter solstice season celebrations, remember to get the kids around you involved in the hobby. Even if it's just setting up a circle of EZ Track and an inexpensive steam locomotive on a table once a year, let the kids play for a while. Sure, set some ground rules such as a maximum speed and specify exactly which rolling stock can be used, but let them play. This will not only help to strengthen your own relationships with them but they will remember the play time that they have and may turn into serious model railroaders when they grow older. More model railroaders means more demand for model railroad products which leads to a greater product selection for all of us. How many of us got our own starts in the hobby with Lionel or American Flyer sets around a Christmas tree when we were younger?


Getting the kids involved

I had one friend with Lionel (and the operating refrigerator car)( and another with American Flyer with a smoking steam engine) but I had Marx, which, while I don't have any of it left any more, I still think had the best looking cars of the three lines. I have recently gotten or decaled HO cars like the Marx cars I had so long ago - except for the silver GATX tank car lettered for carrying Glacial Acetic Acid which was a mysterious and exciting thing for a five year old. What did glaciers have to do with trains or acid?? I wondered.