Named steam locomotives of the United Kingdom

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The practice of naming steam locomotives was continued in the United Kingdom much farther than in other parts of the world. British Rail even continued the practice onto diesel and electric locomotives.

This work will list solely steam locomotives much like the associated lists for named steam locomotives of North America. Like those pages, this work will also be updated and republished as new information becomes available. When I can get my hands on data for named diesel and electric locomotives, I plan to upload the data as soon as I can.

I started with a full list of Great Western steam locomotives that were included on a spotter's list of 1944 as still operating. I've also now added data from a full list of named LMS steam locomotives from a 1943 spotter's list, more from a full list of SR steam locomotives from a 1945 spotter's list, even more from a full list of LNER locomotives from a 1943 spotter's list, and I've filled in a few more details for some of the existing records here. I still have spotter's lists for Ireland from the same era to add, and I'm going back through my reference library to find and add more data.